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Sylvester Stallone Plastic Surgery Story

Sylvester Gardenzio Stallone, the famed actor of Rambo and Rocky action movie series was born on July 6 1946. He was born in New York City to Frank Stallone Sr and Jacqueline “Jackie” Stallone. He is an actor, producer and a director as well.

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He started off doing small roles in certain movies before landing a role in the action movie Rocky for which he got worldwide fame. He has a devout fan following. His latest movies were The Expendables series. He has won a number of accolades and been nominated for many others including Academy Awards. He is an active boxing promoter as well. He had been married thrice and had 5 children.

Sylvester Stallone after plastic surgery 

Stallone was born with left facial paralysis due to a wrong surgery of his mother when she was pregnant. This caused his face to disfigure at a fast rate. He decided to undergo surgery to cover up this defect. He must have also followed these to get a more youthful tone to his appearance. Let us go through some of these procedures.

Facelift Surgery

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He suffered from partial facial paralysis on the left side of his face since childhood. This caused his face to become sagged on one side followed by a number of fine lines and wrinkles. He underwent a facelift surgery to solve this defect. The process caused tightening of the skin around his neck, jaw and cheeks. It reduced the fine lines and restored the correct facial structure.

Botox Treatment

Like many other celebs, Stallone also opted for Botox. It gave him a smooth and wrinkle-free face. His skin became brighter and youthful to the extent that he looked younger than before.

Eyebrow lift Surgery

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His recent photographs show him with a more raised head and defined eyebrows. It also reduced the lines over his forehead. He opted for these surgeries to mask his sagging face overall.

Rhinoplasty Surgery

He was also rumored to have undergone a nose surgery lately. His nose looked more defined in recent photographs. It looked aligned properly with his chin and slimmer too. It might have also resulted due to the facelift, but many doctors stated otherwise.

The surgeries did a miracle for him, reduced the deficits and make him look younger. His pictures from way back when compared with the most recent ones prove that the surgeries were right on point and were a successful endeavor for Stallone himself.


The surgeries boosted his confidence and also increased his fame. His new youthful look garnered appreciation from his fans from all over the world. The work done by the plastic surgeon on him was also complimented by others as fine skilled work. Tabloids also stated his new looks as refreshing and good.

He is definitely a good example of how plastic surgeries do not always end up being a disaster if done by the correct person. He seemed to have loved his new changed looks as well just like millions of his fans.

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Courtney Cox Before and After Jaw Lift

The infamous star of the Friends series, Courtney Cox, an American actress- producer was born on June 15 1964 in Alabama to a businessman father Richard Lewis Cox and mother Courteney Bass. Her parents later divorced when she was ten. Cox gave up her architecture course to pursue her dream of acting. She starred in a number of TV series before being casted as Monica Geller on Friends, her most famed role.

She was married to actor David Arquette and had a daughter Coco Riley Arquette. They divorced in 2013. Cox is currently engaged to Johnny McDaid, a band member of Snow patrol.

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Courtney Cox Plastic surgery

The 52 year old actress is known for looking younger than her age due to her radiant skin. Many speculations regarding her having undergone beauty surgeries/ treatments have surfaced time and again. She has accepted the fact of having undergone many beauty regimes for getting flawless skin and has commented how the film industry provokes women into shaming aging rather than openly accepting it. Let’s take a look at the procedures she is rumored to have undergone.

Botox treatment

Something that Cox has openly talked about, having undergone Botox treatment. After undergoing this, Cox was seen sporting a youthful and wrinkle free skin. her face looks sculpted and more defined than before.

Lip Augmentation

Over the years she was seen with thin lips but when she appeared at an event with bigger lips, it didn’t go unnoticed. She went for injectables around her lips which caused them to look fuller and pinker. The change looked good on her positively.

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Cheek implants

Around 2009, Courtney could be seen with fuller, contrastingly chubbier and lifted cheeks. Although she denied having done anything; but many suspected her of using fillers to make her cheeks look more youthful.

Breast Augmentation

In 2005, she was reportedly seen with a larger bust size and a defined cleavage. Although rumored to have had gone under knife; Cox waved off the rumors by stating her pregnancy as a reason for bigger breasts.

Freckles removal

The actress’s picture proves her to have her face covered with freckles and dark spots which vanished as time passed; leaving her with a clean and beautiful face.


Courtney and has always been attracted to using fillers, implants and certain natural remedies to make her skin look more youthful and make her look ageless. Some of these decisions were described as drastic and painful by her friends and family. She has denied most of these in press but her before and after pictures state otherwise. Whatever the case may be; her new look makes her look youthful and radiant. She looks half her age and definitely stuns everyone with the same fact at all shows and events. This transition of her has given her a lot of confidence, and at the same time made her realize her hardships regarding the same; allowing her to stand up against the way actors and actresses are expected to look a certain age and make it look as if they never age. (Take a look on  kim before surgery pictures)

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Howard Stern Plastic Surgery Revealed

The self acclaimed ‘King of All Media’, Howard Allan Stern was born on January 12 1954. A famous American radio and TV personality, Stern was brought up in New York City by his radio engineer father Ben and mother Ray Stern. He also has an elder sister, Ellen. Watching voice actors and radio show hosts, where his father used to work gave him the inspiration to become a radio host himself. A young Howard used to prepare his own radio shows in his basement with help from his father. Later he decided to work towards his dreams.

He later garnered appreciation and fame in America for his work in a number of radio shows, namely, WRNW and WCCC. His voice can be recognized by the millions of fans he has acquired in the years of his work.

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He is famously known as one of the judges of America’s got Talent and has also served as a photographer for certain magazines. He is married to model and television host Beth Ostrosky and has three daughters from his previous marriage with Alison Berns.

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Howard Stern Plastic surgery

Stern has tried out plastic surgery like other celebrities. But unlike others he has been more vocal and open about it. He announced the fact that he underwent a surgery for his nose and chin in recent years. His pictures from a range of years can distinguish clearly, how he went for procedures on his face and neck. Let us take a look at what he indulged in.


A very common trend among many celebrities; Howard also went for a nose surgery. Stern’s nose bridge had a dome shape. The surgery seemed to have reduced the hump a little, redefining his facial features. His nose looks more aligned with respect to the rest of his face.

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Chin Surgery

He used to have a tinier chin which was a bit pointed. The pictures of him now, suggest that the surgery performed has made his chin look more broad and blunt. The new chin goes well overall.


He underwent a facelift procedure, which involved the skin under his chin to be removed via liposuction. Also the skin in neck region was tightened. Many state that the surgery actually increased the fine lines on his face, but that may be due to ageing.

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Even at the age of 62, Stern doesn’t fail to look young and smart. Maybe the entire reason for undergoing these procedures was for him to look young. Although the cosmetic surgeries have made his face less movable, they do leave him looking the same as when he joined the industry. The best thing about his surgery is that he didn’t hide or deny it. The procedure seemed to have a positive impact on his career as well; as he has been stated to be one of the highest paid personalities of his age. Also he seemed to have an increased confidence level ever since he went under the knife in 2006. He is categorized under plastic surgery gone wrong

Michael Jackson Tragic Plastic Surgery Pictures

Michael Joseph Jackson, popularly known as the King of Pop, was born on 29 August, 1958 to an American- African family and was the eighth child out of the ten siblings. He began his singing career alongside his five siblings under the band name Jackson 5. A few years later he started singing solo followed by great line of hit songs by him like Thriller, Billie Jean and Beat It. The world probably remembers as an excellent dancer for his special dance move ‘moonwalk’. He has won a number of musical accolades including 13 Grammy awards and Guinness World Records for Most Successful Entertainer of All Time.

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Michael Jackson plastic surgery

Over the years, Jackson’s looks have changed drastically; which has been attributed to him suffering from lupus and a skin disorder vitiligo and having undergone many cosmetic surgeries. The disorders he suffered from caused his skin complexion to become very light and caused patches on his skin. He later however was been speculated to have had a number of surgeries to change his looks. He is surely the example of how plastic surgeries turn out to be if done in excess.

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The well known surgery that led him into continuous surgeries was that of his nose. He always felt that his nose was way too big for his face and wanted to have a thinner one instead. He underwent a surgery for the same in 1979. Although this surgery didn’t leave him satisfied and he went for a second Rhinoplasty which left him with respiratory difficulties. He continued to undergo such numerous surgeries to correct the flaw created by others to the point where a graft in his nose dislocated and punctured his skin; requiring him to wear a tape on his nose to prevent the nasal fluid from entering his mouth.

Cleft chin surgery

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For a more masculine look; Michael underwent a chin surgery. He had a dimple created in his chin. Also he asked his friend to undergo the surgery first in order to know whether it worked.

Botox treatment

He was rumored to have undergone Botox treatment, after which his skin became more patch-free and radiant.

Lip augmentation

Michael Jackson underwent a lip surgery to get more pronounced and redder lips. It gave his entire face a more feminine look.

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His over the decade pictures show how his face had become more square and his jaw line was very sharp. It gave his face a peculiarly toned look. Also his eyes looked more aligned and thin.

Celebrity Plastic Surgery Before Age 25-michael_jackson

Michael Jackson was the classic example of how not all plastic surgeries end up the way people want. Once you get your face structure in a particular manner, it becomes really difficult to retrieve the previous look. Although he couldn’t achieve his dreamt looks; he definitely won many hearts with his songs and dancing and is to date the best pop singer. His looks or skin tone never messed up his talents or his successful career.


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Nicky Minaj Before And After Surger

Onika Tanya Maraj might not ring a bell but Nicky Minaj might sound familiar to millions of her fans and people otherwise. Nicky Minaj is an American rapper and songwriter. She was born on 8 December in 1982 Saint James, Trinidad and Tobago and raised in South Jamaica, Queens, New York to a financial executive father Robert Maraj and a gospel singer mother Carol Maraj. She has two more siblings.

Although initially she wanted to start out as an actress; she started to be noticed because of her mixed tapes she released online. She soon became famous for the songs she released.

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She has won a number of awards for her songs like the Grammys, Billboard awards and BET awards.

Nicky Minaj Plastic Surgery

Though Minaj has favored positive body image and shut down many shamers she came across; she has been speculated to have had undergone cosmetic procedures to refine her looks and increase her media value. Her photographs have captured her transitions. Yet she has denied having gone under the knife time and again.


On comparing Minaj’s past photographs with now, it can be seen that the singer definitely underwent a facelift. Although she is not old, yet her face looks very enhanced and defined in contrast to when she initially joined the industry.

Botox treatment

A very common procedure among celebs is the Botox treatment, which removes any wrinkles or lines from the face. The singer herself can be seen to have had undergone this. Her skin looks unnaturally flawless and radiant. She might have done the beauty process to reduce the chances of aging fast.

Butt implants

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The clearest sign of Nicky’s plastic surgery indulgence is the size of her butt over the years. Her pictures from past clearly show her having a fairly smaller booty than in present. Her butt from now looks more built up and bigger. The procedure instead of increasing her sex appeal has just made her butt look big. Also she seems to have had implants in her thighs which look bigger than how they looked few years back.

Breast Implants

Having bigger breasts have become a sign of increasing a woman’s sex appeal in the industry. She might have had a boob job done as well. Her breasts look prominently bigger and curvier. Her entire figure has become more voluptuous over the years without a reason. The only probable reason can be a plastic surgery.

Lip Augmentation

She is also suspected to have had a lip job. Her lips look much more defined, bigger and shaped; especially her lower lip. Her lips were a thin line when she started off but now there is a remarkable difference in the same.


She has denied having ever used plastic surgery. But her changing looks state otherwise. She has always supported woman empowerment and positive body image among young girls. The change in her looks was accompanied by a boost in her productivity at work and a widespread acclaim of her songs.

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